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I'm working on a new series of landscapes around Oak Park: Front Steps and Stor(i)es One of the themes is store fronts, both the exterior and interior of the store. I am loving the combination of reflection and what's inside the window. This adds a layer of abstraction that I really like. As with most perceptual painting, I have to paint what I see and really pay attention to the values.

I was the featured artist on The Artist Magazine website for November 2009 and June 2010 I was in the magazine for the Competition Spotlight. This is the third year I’ve been a finalist in their yearly competition.  

And Robert Genn’s Painters Keys has published two of my letters: and Double click to read about marmots and Mongolia and vision.

Please come visit me in my studio and have a cup of tea.

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Basic Drawing

The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain   Betty Edwards

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Composition and Creativity

The Creative Habit  Twyla Tharp

Composition of Outdoor Painting  Edgar Payne

Mastering Composition    Ian Roberts

Figure Drawing

The Undressed Art Peter Steinhart   a natural history of life drawing/ quite wonderful

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Color:  A course in mastering the art of mixing colors   Betty Edwards

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Fun Art Novels

The Art Forger  BA Shapiro  fictionalized account of the Gardner museum heist and a romance

An Object of Beauty  Steve Martin

Girl with the Pearl Earring   Tracy Chevalier

The Sea    John Banville (main character is an art historian, specialty is Bonnard)

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I am Madame X    Gioia Diliberto   (fictionalized account of Virginie Gautreau, Madame X,          

    a famous portrait by John Singer Sargent).

And ever the science nerd

Vision and Art:  The Biology of Seeing    Margaret Livingstone